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  • Introduction

    • With the vision in mind, “ Education of the welfare of the Masses”.  Hon’ble Prin.M.R.Desai and Hon’bleBar.Khardekar gave birth to an educational institute, “ TheShikshanPrasarakMandal” in 1945. Higher Education was set up a Gopal Krishna Gokhale College in rural area.

      The department of Economics was established in 1960 with degree level class and in 1972 its established with pre-degree level class of Arts and Commerce faculty.


      Ex-faculty Member


      i)      The great econmist - Professor Mr. SubhashRane
      ii)     The great party leader - Prof. Mr.VishnupantIngavale
      iii)    The great economist - Prof. K.H.Thakkar
      iv)    Prin. Prof. Mr.S.D.Sathe
      v)     Vice Prin. S.M.Muley

      The study of Econmics is based on human wants. Human wants are unlimited and means to satisfy our wants are limited. There are two approches of study of economics such as Micro and Macro economics. The great Economist Mr. Adam Smith as known as /Father of Economics.