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  • Introduction

    • English Department t2 level has been introduced since 1976. English is a compulsory subject so it is being taught to all faculties Arts, Commerce, Science & H.S.V.C. 80 - 20 examination pattern has been determined for English subject by H.S.C. board. Eighty marks are allotted to written examination and twenty to oral examination. English Department t2 level uses, 'Yuvakbharati' a course book in English introduced by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Pune. In our college five faculty members are teaching English subject to Arts, Com and Science faculty. They are, [i] Shri. A.S. Talekar [ii] Shri. R.S. Patane [iii] Smt. Y.D. Patil [iv] Smt. M.L. Dhanwade [V] Smt. Mane S.U.